Marianne Taylor


My name is Marianne Taylor, and I live where the ocean meets the sky on the rugged Atlantic coast of Cornwall, South West England. Previously based in London, my soul was always most at home by the sea, and eventually, I had to answer the call of my heart and relocated to the wild Cornish coast.

I photograph in my little studio and on location by the sea in Cornwall but will travel further afield for the right commission. My aesthetic ranges from wind-swept surfer lifestyle photography with sun-kissed smiles to vibrant and colourful product photography and content creation.

My smile is equally as wide whether I get to incorporate the laid-back atmosphere and beach vibe of Cornwall into lifestyle photography or play with styling and props, breathing colour into your brand.

Clients and publications include:

Alphabet Bags, Crown & Glory, Punky Pins, InvisiBra, The Happy Teaching Company, Berinmade, Branded Stuff, Sun Jellies, Lavalia, For Luna Swimwear, Rio Roller, Monthly Gift, The Savvy Assistant, Noticeboard Store, Little’s Coffee, Cosmopolitan Bride, Good Housekeeping (South Africa), You & Your Wedding, Martha Stewart Weddings, Mennaan¬†Naimisiin (Finland), Brides, Photo Professional, Wedding Flowers, Un Beau Jour (France), Perfect Wedding, Professional Photography, Pikseli (Finland), Cosmopolitan Bride (China), Kamera (Finland), ¬†Marions-Nous (France), Signature Weddings (Malaysia).

Video credit: Story Catchers Films